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An interesting idea for a flash that has been well implemented.

The artistic skill was absolutely amazing. I cannot believe you did it entirely with a mouse! As for the plot, I can't see how it fits the topic of coexistence, but it was rather fun to watch. =)

I will be keeping an eye on your flashes in the future.

This deserves its front page spot and should certainly have a higher score than it does.

5/5 10/10

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This was unplayable.

I use a high dpi mouse on a relatively small screen (17").
Upon starting the tutorial I started to scout my mouse around to find the targets.
My mouse jumped off the side of the screen and it was physically impossible for me to aim.
I dont have much knowledge of flash so I am not sure how you could remedy this. I can see that it is probably a good game. I played TA1 and I was very impressed.

I give you 3/10 for the effort involved in making this. Please remedy the mouse skipping issue.


Bit of a bug:

in the 'final fight' I knocked the boss off the side of the screen and he wouldnt stop punching the air, nor would he return to the screen ;_;

other than that its a good game =)

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How on earth...

...did you manage to get a note in the bass line wrong!?!

Listening to it all the way through, you make numerous mistakes. If this is made in fruityloops studio, I was expecting at least the notes to be right...

Also, ridiculous sustain on the...harpsichord..? Make this rendition of Canon absolutely appalling.

I give you a 3/10 for effort making it.


the best voice I have heard on newgrounds.

I really think you could go into music as a profession.

The guitar was good as well, although there seems to be an off note at the end. You may want to work on recording quality as well, there is quite a bit of mic hiss (I will see if you remedy this in other recordings)

Criticism aside, this is a great song.

5/5 10/10


This is a really good song, but it is in the wrong section.
It is not punk.

Hope your band succeeds. =)

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